Prophetic Word for the 13th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 13th of February 2022 - Development

You had a long journey. A journey full of suffering, loss, rejection and loneliness. I took you through the wilderness and back again. Through the fire and into the furnace. Some of you I tested almost to the end.

I did this out of love for you. I saw your tremendous faith in the face of all opposition. Your clinging to my words and the truth I have given. So I picked you up when you fell and I developed you into my chosen vessel.


You are coming out of my potter's shop, completely newly formed. A vessel of great honor and priceless. I formed you with my own hands to make you ready for such a time as this to call you my sons or my daughters.

You were broken, slandered, opposed and mistreated many times on your path but you never gave up. You fell and you stood up to walk the narrow path with great faith. With Faith that could move mountains.


Now I am granting you rewards for your faithfulness and diligence in the storm. I am calling you as my ambassadors in the nations to represent my heavenly Kingdom before judges and kings.

You are my new wine that I have poured out onto the world to bring the light of creation where darkness is residing. I have made you beacons of light in a dark world and rocks in the storm. My lost sheep will seek you out when they see your brightness. You are my creation right from the beginning and you belong to me.


Triple Grace

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