Prophetic Word for the 13th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 13th of August 2022 - I am sifting my Warriors

As I sifted the army of Gideon of old so will I reduce the number of warriors in my Remnant Army of new Zion. I am seeking the strongest, most faithful ones to do battle for the Lord.

I can not use any warrior who has doubts or a change of heart. You will stand before demons and giants. Therefore I am strengthening your soul. This spiritual birthing is a sifting of my warriors.

I am sifting my Warriors

The number that I will use will show the Glory of my Kingdom on Earth. It might seem that the enemy has far more warriors but at the end the victory will belong to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Through these powerful warriors chosen for such a time as this I will manifest my powers in the nations. They might be just a few battle hardened Sons and Daughters of the Most High but they have a heart of a warrior.

I am sifting my Warriors

The ones with great faith and childlike trust in the revelations I sent them and who know their destiny and purpose on earth will spring forth and will soon be taken into the first battle against Jericho.

The spiritual preparations will come to an end and all those things will come down onto the earth. At that time my selected warriors will be ready to stand for the lost sheep and my Kingdom. I am sifting my Warriors.


Triple Grace

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