Prophetic Word for the 12th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 12th of October 2021 - Standing for my Kingdom

It is time to stand for my Kingdom. No matter the costs and reputation in the world. You need to be my witnesses to the end of the earth. The time is here to come into the open.

My warriors will be stepping onto the scene by declaring that my Kingdom has come and that my Son Jesus is walking the earth. They will be his witnesses no matter how great the opposition will be.

Standing for my Kingdom

I have prepared and separated you for that moment so that you can be guided by the Holy Spirit to stand with my son at this crucial hour. The world will reject him but you as his brides will be standing close to him.

The seal tribulation is your time of work and of witnessing for my Kingdom. You must come closer and you must be prepared for great attacks. Many Christians will be standing against you.

Standing for my Kingdom

I had informed you that the harvest work will be your 222 time of witnessing. Now it will all begin. First my son will reveal himself to the little ones, then to the firstborn of the wheat harvest (Leah) and finally to the harvest workers and warriors (Rachel).

It will not be an easy task to stand in opposition of so many people who will deny the return of my glory at this moment but I am sending you the Holy Spirit to strengthen you on your path. Stand as a witness for my Son.


Triple Grace

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