Prophetic Word for the 12th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 12th of December 2021 - Being part of Heaven

I have not called you and made you true sons and daughters so that you remain in your old ways but that you embrace your destiny as being part of Heaven. Standing for my Kingdom in a fallen world.

You are selected, called and gathered to fulfill your purpose on earth. To seek my lost sheep and to return the prodigal sons and daughters into my open arms. The harvest is your destiny

Being part of Heaven

You belong to my royal household as the brides of Christ and my true ambassadors in the nations. Representing my Kingdom and its principles in a time of darkness and despair. Co-heirs to my throne.

You have received knowledge and wisdom that will allow you to spread the truth even in the darkest valleys. Gifts, blessings and my powers from on high are bestowed on your shoulders to stand against the evil flood.

Being part of Heaven

I have given you the armor of my Kingdom so that no arrow of the enemy can penetrate your heart, mind and soul. You were trained as powerful warriors to withstand any attack directed against you.

You are much more powerful than you believe. Being part of Heaven allows you to tap into my glory and power and that will make you resistant to the attacks of the enemy. A hedge of protection is placed around you. You are part of Heaven.


Triple Grace

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