Prophetic Word for the 12th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 12th of August 2022 - Spiritual - Physical

I have revealed to you that the Seal tribulation is spiritual and physical. It will always begin in the Spirit and will then be manifested in the physical. Do not loose heart when you do not see the events yet.

This only means that you are in the spiritual phase of my Masterpiece of the End Times. The physical manifestation will come to pass very soon. You are a prepared vessel and you understand.

Spiritual - Physical

First it will manifest in the Heavens - that is the spiritual part and then it will come down to the earth for all to see and to experience - that is the physical part. You pray over it every day.

As it is in Heaven so shall it be on earth. Spiritual first and then physical. You are living in the world with a mortal body and you imagine the physical part only but I am telling you that it all starts in Heaven.

Spiritual - Physical

Do not worry when you do not see my events yet in the physical world. I promise you that they will be seen in the nations. Once the spiritual part is completed then all will come down onto the earth through the portal.

There will be truly a whole new physical world that is waiting for you. Keep the faith and trust me like a child. I am in control of it all. My Masterpiece will come to pass in the spiritual and in the physical.


Triple Grace

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