Prophetic Word for the 12th of April 2021

Prophetic Word for the 12th of April 2021 - Warrior Bride

You are my beloved warrior brides. My chosen ones that I prepared for a long time for such a moment as this. I kept you under my wings as a hen gathered her chicks.

I send you through many wildernesses and took you through the fire because I love you and I want a perfect bride for my son Jesus.

Warrior Bride

Now you have matured and I see a powerful warrior bride in a sparkling white dress standing ready to be taken into marriage by my son.

I am sending him soon to collect you from the four corners of the earth. The wedding feast will last for 7 days and then you will enter your destiny for me, my son and the Kingdom of God.

Warrior Bride

I see you standing before my throne, beautifully and strong, with the sword in your hands and the posture of a princess of Heaven. I am so proud of you that you have gone through all this because of your love for me.

You are my daughters and my daughters in law. My son will get the purest bride to be found on earth. I love you all beyond measure. Your Father in Heaven.


Triple Grace

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