Prophetic Word for the 11th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 11th of September 2021 - Far reaching

I am far reaching and my might will reach the deepest places on earth. My Glory is returning to this world to bring in the harvest of the ages. I am calling my House of Israel home.

I am far reaching and I am coming from my throne down to this wicked generations to test them who are in disobedience. I will give them over to the delusion so that they believe a lie.

Far reaching

I am sending my warriors into the darkest places to seek my lost sheep and to return them into my open arms. I am far reaching and nothing is hidden from me. I know the plans and agenda of the enemy and how he will trap the whole world.

His plans will be in vain and my Kingdom will prevail. My powers will shake the Heaven and the Earth when I return to the world for the end times to bring forth my son Jesus to establish the everlasting Millennium Kingdom.

Far reaching

My mighty hand will not only come through the portal to be seen on earth but it will extend even into Death and Hades. Many wonders and miracles will be witnessed by the whole world.

I am far reaching and I have left my throne to come down to my creation as I have done before on Mount Sinai. Mount Zion will be seen in the sky as a sign of the coming wrath and judgements. I am far reaching.


Triple Grace

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