Prophetic Word for the 11th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 11th of October 2021 - My Son and the little ones

I have sent my son to rescue the little ones who are under attack of this wicked generation. He is also coming for the firstborn of the wheat harvest. The first of the lost 10 ten tribes who will come home.

But before that he will gather the little ones because they belong to me and they are holy in my sight. They represent my holy city Jerusalem being innocent to sin and having never done intentional evil.

My Son and the little ones

These small children will see my son first before any of the Leah brides will meet him. At the end of it all Rachel will be taken into the place prepared for her. But first the little ones.

You will hear many of these little voices declaring that my son has come onto the earth. Trust their visions and believe that scripture is fulfilled right in front of your eyes.

My Son and the little ones

These children are innocent and they will never speak forth any falsehood or a message of personal agenda. That is the reason why I have chosen them to announce the return of my son first.

Their messages are pure and filled with truth. They are seeing my son on the earth and they are his first witnesses to announce this great event. My son loved the little ones in the same way I love them and he shows himself to them at this appointed time.


Triple Grace

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