Prophetic Word for the 11th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 11th of May 2022 - Far reaching

My son Jesus is coming for the brides. He is far reaching and you will experience a new life in time and space. The past will merge with the present and the future as never before.

Many things that you thought were lost will return to you including your youth and strength. My son is far reaching and so will you through time and space when the portal in Heaven opens.

Far reaching

That what was once impossible will now be easily achieved and a new time of harvest will come over the earth. Some of the dead will be alive again in circular time and you will have a second chance with them.

My amazing Glory will cover the earth for 2.5 years and then the Antichrist will come into full powers. But first the stone will be thrown and my son Jesus Christ will be far reaching.

Far reaching

You will move in time and space that you have never experienced before and also you might not reverse the past but you can open a door for many of my lost sheep and souls who would otherwise fall into the hands of the enemy.

A whole new life in a whole new world is coming to you. You will be able to reach places formerly closed to any of humankind. My way will become your way and the harvest of the ages will be brought in from far places.


Triple Grace

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