Prophetic Word for the 11th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 11th of March 2022 - Principles of Heaven

My principles of Heaven will apply to all harvest workers and warriors alike. You are standing in the nations as my representatives and as such you need to show forth the light and love of me.

You are not called to judge or to condemn but to seek and to find. To return the lost sheep home. They will only hear the voice of the shepherd when you walk in the footsteps of your Lord and Savior.

Principles of Heaven

Love, Mercy and Compassion are your tools to bring in the harvest and the Sword of Light your weapon on the battlefields. I am giving you the strongest armor man can possess and I have prepared you well.

You will not only adapt to the Principles of Heaven but you will live them. The people in this world will see your work for my Kingdom and they will be drawn to it. You will bring many of my lost sheep home.

Principles of Heaven

Love will stand against all Evil and Mercy will be poured out to the slaves of New Egypt. My Grace will not end before the sixth seal. I am a merciful Father and I love all of my creation.

You are part of my royal household of Heaven and my rules and laws have become your destiny in a wicked and fallen World. The Principles of Heaven will separate you from the Darkness.


Triple Grace

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