Prophetic Word for the 11th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 11th of August 2022 - They will be removed

I am going to remove the innocent from the earth. Soon millions of people will vanish from the earth. I am preparing your soul and heart now for this event to manifest in the nations.

If I would not prepare you spiritual first who would be able to stand before the Son of Man? If I would not build your faith now who would be able to walk in their destiny and purpose on earth?

They will be removed

Do not doubt the truth that I have revealed to you over the last 7 years because you are now on the new spiritual path. The physical manifestation is coming so very soon and all eyes will see it.

It is my Grace that takes you by the hand and guides you slowly into the new World that is appearing on the horizon. I love you as my true sons and daughters and therefore I am working on your in a gentle way.

They will be removed

Do not listen to those who refuse to follow the truth and come against my voices that I am using in such a time as this. Keep your faith and know that you have entered your destiny in your life.

First easy and slow in the spiritual and then as the stone throw in the physical manifestation on earth. The world will stand in perplexity and fear when my son Jesus will take his bride home. The innocent ones will be removed.


Triple Grace

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