Prophetic Word for the 10th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 10th of March 2022 - They do not understand

So many of my children in the Churches do not understand the signs of the time. I have given them all the revelations so that they could understand the End Times but they refused to listen.

Instead they mocked my voices and rejected the visions and revelations given by my Holy Spirit. Now the time has come when they will feel the tribulations so that they finally wake up to the truth.

They do not understand

Most Churches are still following worldly pastors who guide them on the wrong path. Who spread words that are not intended for the Churches but for my children, the House of Judah.

They mix scriptures and visions into a great delusion and walk my creation into troublous times. These preachers and shepherds do not understand and they can not discern their dreams and visions.

They do not understand

My Masterpiece of the End Times has a clear order that everyone who walks the narrow and righteous path can see and comprehend. Nothing is mixed up or confusing. It is my plan and as such it is perfect.

I could have spared all of my children from any tribulation if they would have accepted the truth and would not have clung to their own ways by rejecting my voices for such a time as this. But now there is the need to shake them awake. Out of their slumber and to hand them over into the Seal tribulations. The rapture of my Churches will take place when they are ready. This is not the time because they do not understand.


Triple Grace

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