Prophetic Word for the 10th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 10th of December 2021 - It is upon you

You waited patiently and watched the sky for the return of your bridegroom. You placed me and my Kingdom first in your ways and you sought my wishes for your life. I see your faith and works for my Kingdom.

Now I am telling you that the changes in times and laws are upon you. This is a new season in which I will use the faithful brides of my son Jesus to bring in the great harvest.

It is upon you

You can not imagine what is lying ahead and the beautiful gifts and mantles that I am going to bestow onto your shoulders. You are made Kings and Priests for my Kingdom in the nations.

All what you have received in dreams and visions will now being fulfilled. New places, a new family and a closer walk with me is awaiting you. I am changing the season now to allow the end times to unfold.

It is upon you

Now further delay. No more waiting for the glory of my Kingdom to return. It is here and now. The shift that you are waiting for is upon you. It will manifest before your eyes shortly.

Great changes are here that will affect the whole earth and that will allow the final battles between good and evil to take place. But before that a harvest must be brought in. My harvest workers are standing ready. It is upon you.


Triple Grace

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