Prophetic Word for the 10th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 10th of August 2021 - Future Past

Remember that you will be taken through the portal into your destiny for my Kingdom. You will enter the Future Past that was designed for the Seals and Trumpets tribulation.

You will return to the two presidencies of Mr. O and Mr. T because in their future past the NWO will be established and in their time will I bring judgements and wrath over the whole world.

Future Past

Do not fear that you will experience all bad things from the past again. I have told you that the past is required for the judgement and can not be changed. As soon as you enter the Future Past it will become a blank canvass and all will be new.

Then you can fill it with the Kingdom work that you will do as my harvesting brides and you will bring in the harvest that is declared for such a time as this. I will station you in one mind in New Zion and you will walk as the images of my son Jesus on earth.

Future Past

The Future Past will give many of my misguided and lost sheep the opportunity to set themselves free with your help from the world and to escape the New Egypt. A new great Exodus is on the way.

Even believers who have taken the toxin will receive a second chance to be cleaned in and out and to put on the white cloth that is needed to be part of the multitude that will be raptured into Paradise at the sixth seal.


Triple Grace

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