End time prophetic Word for the 31st of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 31st of may 2022 - You are one step away

Only one step and you will reach your destiny and purpose on earth. Closer than most of my children believe. Not for everlasting glory of the churches but for the beauty of the brides.

My son Jesus will embrace all those who made themselves ready. Millions of people will disappear in the Escape of the Innocent when the first fruits of the wheat harvest be taken into the Third Heaven.

You are one step away

One step away from the opening of the portal in Heaven and my mighty hand coming for the chosen vessels on earth. Time to receive strength and youth for your final race towards Mount Zion.

My lost sheep are waiting for you in the nations. You have the power to set the captives free. Take them out of the World, Babylon and the Churches and guide them into my open arms.

You are one step away

I have predestined you for this moment in time right from Paradise. Many of the Saints wished to be here on earth for the harvest and Masterpiece of the End Times. Rejoice that you were chosen as my true ambassadors in the nations.

Once the portal opens all will change forever. The Light of the World will return to earth and my harvest workers will enter the fields that are white as snow. Ready for the harvest of the ages. You are just one step away.


Triple Grace

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