Prophetic Word for the 21st of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 21st of March 2022 - I will wake them up

My churches and many of my children are in a slumber and they do not see or understand the signs of the time. I have used many voices to bring forth new revelations and new understanding but many have rejected my words.

Now the time has come when I need to shake them through tribulations and changes so that they finally wake up to the truth. If I do not act then no soul would be saved and my scriptures would not be fulfilled.

I will wake them up

I fills me with tears to allow these things to come onto the earth but the lost sheep must find the way home. I have prepared many harvest workers in the nations who will take these sheep and guide them to Mount Zion.

Still I wished that there would be another way then the suffering through wars, famines and pestilences to open the eyes of my creation. I am a merciful and loving Father and I do not want that anyone gets hurt.

I will wake them up

But if I allow them to remain blinded by the enemy then they would never return to the narrow path but would get lost on the broad way and would end up in the lake of fire. My Grace will give them a final opportunity to return home.

Tribulations are at hand and much more is to come but rest assured that my chosen vessels will bring forth a huge harvest in these difficult times for the Glory of my Kingdom and the Glory of my Son Jesus. I will wake them up.


Triple Grace

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