Study Documents

Please download and share!


Study Documents

This Live Stream discusses the possibility of a relocation for the harvest work. Please download the Study Document.

The Antichrist receives the Power to change Times and Laws. How will this affect us? Download and share the Study Document please!

New Information has come up about CERN and changing of Times and Laws by Satan and the Antichrist. Follow us on the new Journey to Mount Zion. Share the Study Document.

God's Plan for the End Times revealed in a new and supernatural way. The Lord will never leave nor forsake you ever. Download the Study Document for a comprehensive Study about God's Plan for the End Times!




The Understanding of 777 - The time frames of Glory. It adds up to 21 years with the first 7 years being the easiest one. Then followed by 7 years of Seals and an extra 7 years of Trumpets separately. As for the years mentioned please refer to the latest revelations from the Lord regarding changing of Times and Laws!

Introduction to Bending of Time. The Lord has revealed a Mystery of Heaven. Please watch the linked Video for full Information!

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How will our new places look like? It is like a Book with many pages. The place of Leah and Rachel will be outside of the chapter of Death and Hades. Get a new and exciting understanding of Times and Laws.